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The Initial Cleanings

ProTouch begins your service by providing extra detailing the first two cleanings. Your first clean, “Initial Clean A,” is an in-depth clean of your kitchen and bathrooms, as well as a general cleaning throughout the rest of your house. Your second clean, “Initial Clean B,” is an in-depth clean of the living areas and bedrooms, as well as general cleaning in the kitchen and bathrooms. Because of the extra time and detail work that is performed on the two Initial Cleans, ProTouch charges an additional fee for these. Following your two Initial cleans, your home is now ready to be maintained using the Rotation System.

Initial A- Bathroom & Kitchen Detail


  • Tub and shower given extra attention

  • Grouting scrubbed

  • Mildew treated

  • Shower door given extra attention

  • Floor scrubbed

  • Baseboards hand wiped

  • Vanity fronts polished

  • Knick-knacks individually wiped

  • Spot check doors and door Frames


  • Scrub drip pans under burners

  • Clean grease filter

  • Clean inside hood

  • Clean and shine appliances

  • Clean less accessible counters

  • Clean knick-knack areas

  • Scrub kitchen floor corners

  • Baseboards hand wiped

  • Clean outsides of cabinets

  • Spot check doors & doorframes

General Cleaning Tasks

  • All readily accessible floors vacuumed

  • Stairs vacuumed

  • General dusting throughout the house

  • Feather dusting

  • Damp cloth dusting on flat surfaces

  • Cobwebs removed

Initial B- Living Room & Bedroom Detail

Living Rooms & Bedrooms Dusting Detail

  • Baseboards hand wiped

  • Furniture hand wiped

  • Finger prints removed as needed

  • Knick-knacks individually cleaned

  • Thorough dusting throughout the house

  • Cobwebs removed

  • Upholstery vacuumed

  • Carpet edges vacuumed

  • Under accessible furniture vacuumed

  • Wood floors given extra care

  • Empty closet floors vacuumed

General Cleaning Tasks

  • Sink, toilet, tub cleaned

  • Tile shower and tub walls scrubbed

  • Shower door scrubbed

  • Bath floor washed, if not carpeted

  • Carpets vacuumed

  • Mirrors polished

  • Accessible counters wiped

  • Top and sides of range wiped

  • Outside of hood wiped

  • Kitchen floor cleaned

  • Kitchen sink cleaned

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